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Gas Fired Powder Coating Batch Oven COLO-1732

An easy, efficient and economical solution for curing process after powder coating, this gas fired oven supports for holding small and medium products in batches.

Gas Fired Powder Coating Batch Oven COLO-1732

Batch powder coating oven taking natural gas as fuel, quickly and uniformly reaches required temperature. Gas powder coating ovens has a burning room built with heat exchanger to transfer flame to clean hot air. This indirect heating powder coating oven is widely used for curing purpose, not only features long lifespan but create quality metal finish.

gas powder coating ovenpowder coating oven

Features of Large Powder Coating Oven

1. Using PLC system to control all heating process, accurate and easy to operation.

2. Riello burner fully burns fuels (gas or diesel), quickly reach to required temperature.

3. Circulation fans causes uniform temperature in the entire chamber that results in quality cured finishes.

4. 100 mm thickness rockwool board always keeps the chamber warm with minimum heat loss.

5. We can custom powder coating ovens with different sizes, heated by electric, gas or diesel.

Specifications of Gas Powder Coating Batch Oven

Worksize Dimensions width1650 * height1700 * depth3200 mm
Overall Dimensions width1850 * height2050 * depth3450 mm
Power Supply
Gas or LPG or Diesel

As required

Italy Riello, 10,0000cal
Warm-up Time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability < ± 3-5°C
Max.250° C
Ventilation Performance 1131-2565m3/h
Fan Motor Power


PLC Controller

This oven is controlled by the PLC, all parameters could be set on the digital panel. Simple operation and accurate adjustment takes the oven more user-friendly and high-performance.

gas burner

Gas/Diesel Burner

Compared with other burners, Italy imported Riello burner takes full utilization of fuels, less time is needed to get the curing temperature.

powder coating oven fan

Circulation Fan

Circulation fan circles the hot air to warm the oven interior, minimize temperature difference and guarantee uniform-heated chamber. There is a isolation strip between fan and motor that tends to protect the motor from burning hot and extend its life.

powder coating oven

Oven Wall Materials

Interlayer is rockwool insulation board, 100 mm thickness, density 120kgs/cbm. Together with 1mm heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and 0.7mm durable color steel outwall forms a sandwich structure which is anti-flame and heat-insulation.


Heating Exchanger

It is built inside the burning room. As burners fully burns the fuels at the same time warm-up the heat exchanger. The heat exchange is made of seamless 310S stainless steel pipe in 8x8 array, these pipes are in high temperature thus to heat the air.

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