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Industry News

  • Beginners' Guide to Powder Coating

    Unlike liquid paint coatings, powders don’t emit dangerous volatile organic compounds

  • How can I paint wooden surface on metal door or aluminium profile?

    Usually we have customers asking us does COLO machine can paint the wooden effect color on the metal products...We answer yes. But the powder coating is the first step, second sep need another technology Wood Grain Transfer to realize wood effect. The wood grain transfer process refers to the rapid

  • What is Sandblasting?

    Sand blasting is driven by compressed air to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray (copper ore, quartz sand, corundum, iron sand, sea sand) at high speed to the surface of the workpiece to be treated, so that the surface or shape of the workpiece changes.

  • How the powder coating booth cyclone recovery system work

    Cyclone separation recovery equipment consists of a cyclone separator, a blower, and a vibrating screen. cyclone, it is made using the principle of a tornado. When the high-speed air stream passes through the upper cylindrical portion of the reverse-tapered separator, the air stream rotates at a hig

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