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Automatic Powder Sieving Machine COLO-3000-R

Automatic Powder Sieving Machine is designed for sieving overspray powder for second use and vibrating powder accumulation into uniform, increases utilization rate of powder and the quality of powder coating effect.
  • COLO-3000R

  • COLO


Automatic Powder Sieving Machine COLO-3000-R

This automatic powder sieving machine is connected in the automatic powder coating line, full automatic operations increases working efficiency. Mainly working purpose of the automatic powder sieving machine is: recycling the old powder back to spray gun and avoiding powder accumulation. It also can do the check or safety sieving and efficiency separate foreign materials and oversized particles in raw powder.

automatic powder sieve machine

Features of Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

1. This machine sieves foreign materials and oversized particles to improve purity of powder.

2. Built with superior motor and components ensures long services life, less noise and maintenance.

3. The fully enclosed structure avoids dust leaking, features more environmentally friendly.

4. Space-saving size of powder sieving machine takes smaller area, and is easy to fit into limited space.

5. This machine can be easily cleaned without tools and the mesh can be replaces in a few minutes.

Specifications of Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

Total Power
Output Current
0.4 A
220V ± 10AC, 50-60Hz
Working Environment
-5℃ - 35℃
L850 * W570 * H1470 cm
Powder Hopper
60*60 cm

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