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COLO-800D VS COLO-191S Powder Coating Machines

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COLO-191S and COLO-800D powder coating machine both are our popular products. COLO-800D is our classical model, it has has been recognized the most reliable powder coating system, suitable for new starters to get easy and efficient finishing jobs. COLO-191S is the upgrade model, which applies the latest technology that always delivers excellent surface finish quality, whether for flat panels or complex parts, epoxy powders or metallic powders.

Difference of COLO-800D & COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine

These two models of powder coating machine are equipped with COLO-08 electrostatic spray gun. It comes with full array of nozzle assortment, optimal flow injectors, anti-static hoses, flexbible trolleys, etc. the biggest difference is the powder coating gun control.

COLO-800D powder coating

COLO-800D Controller


COLO-191S Controller

Firstly, COLO-800D controller only voltage can be digitally adjusted by button and precsely displayed, the amepage can not be accordingly, but COLO-191S  controller applies (DVC) digital valve controlled technology,  and whose KV and uA can be independently adjusted, all processing parameters can be digitally adjusted by buttons, and read clear on screen.

Secondly, the pheumatic paramters for COLO-800D, including powder output, atomizing, gun cleaning air, fluidizing air, all are controlled by mechanical valves and read on traditional guages. Thanks to the DVC technology, those parameters for COLO-191S  can be digitally controlled, the accurate setting and clear display making it easy to find the optimal settings in every condition, it ensuring maximum efficiency especially for complicated metal shapes.

Thirdly, COLO-800D controller comes with 3 three preset programs standing for flat parts coating, corner coating and re-coating applications, COLO-191S controller also has these 3 three preset programs standing. But more powerfully, users can create 20 personalized application programs and easily recall them, this is more personalized and meets the needs of different users and different workparts.

COLO-800D & COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine, which do your prefer?

COLO-800D powder coating machine meets the basic needs of powder application, features easy to operate and maintenance. meanwhile ensures powder coating performance, if your need a simple and reliable system, it's your good choice. 

If you are a powder coating specialist requiring advanced operation, or you always have challenging jobs then the upgrade COLO-191S powder coating machine is your optimal choice, as it can perfectly penetration deep corners and handling difficult metallic powders, meanwhile saves powder a lot.

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