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Cyclone Powder Recovery System

- Suitable for fast color change demands of high production powder coating line - Increase powder utilization and reduce waste. - Mono Cyclone and Multi-cyclone for Chioce
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Cyclone Powder Recovery System

Cyclone recovery is designed to deliver the powder coating industries with most flexible color changing operation,  due to the superior efficiency of overspray cleaning and collection.

The cyclone unit directly attaches to the booth, minimizing space needs and diminishing potential contamination concerns. It works effectively for both manual and automatic spray operations.

3(1)  cyclone powder coating booth

Cyclone Recovery System Working Principle

  • Cyclone systems are characterized by a cyclone chamber that handles all of the exhausted air from the booth. 

  • The air is moved in a rotational pattern around the chamber, which separates particles based on size for further filtration. 

  • The heavier particles fall down into a collection tray, while the rest are propelled upwards to a filter section. 

  • A secondary filter recovery unit is recommended to capture rest superfine particles for a dustless conditions

  • Cyclone systems can typically have a recovery efficiency of approximately 85% to 95%

  • Cyclone filtration also has a lot of potential in automated or high-volume production environments since it can adapt to increases in exhaust velocity. 


 Cyclone Recovery System Specifications

Voltage and Frequency Request as local
Cyclone Mono Type
Material Stainless Steel / Powder-coated Steel
Cylone Diameter 1m
Air Pipe Diameter 0,5m
Total Height 5.3m

12 months

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