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How To Choose The Right Powder Coating Spray booth

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Which Powder Coating spray booth Is the Right For Me?

When choosing a powder coating spray room for your business, please keep the below three points in mind:

1.    Always buy a system large enough to coat per you need

2.    Don’t cut corners on your coating booth

3.    Always use a professional powder coating gun for most efficient work

The Bigger Your Powder Coating plant Is, The More Business You Can Take

Before deciding on your new equipment, ask yourself these questions:

1.    How large is the largest part I will powder coat?

2.    How many parts do I need to coat per day?

3.    How many colors will I be spraying?

4.    How much space do I have for the new machinery?

We’ve done countless hours of follow-up with our customers and they all say the same thing: “I wish I’d gotten a bigger system.” You can always do small parts in a big system, but if a part won’t fit in your booth, that job – and the money – go elsewhere. And if you are manufacturing your own parts, you don’t want to build parts you can’t fit in your own powder coating spray booth.

Remember: Even if all you do is small parts, a larger system can double or triple your production capacity.

If you only need to coat a few small parts every day (whether that’s for rims for your automotive repair shop, manufacturing prototypes, or motorcycles and ATVs) we recommend our COLO-S-1115 or COLO-S-1517. These classic models have a smaller equipment footprint and can accommodate a number of small batches every day.

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