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How can I paint wooden surface on metal door or aluminium profile?

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Usually we have customers asking us if COLO powder coating machine could paint the wood effect color on the metal products

Our answer is yes. But the powder coating is the first step, second step requiring another technology - Wood Grain Transfer to realize wood effect.


The wood grain transfer process refers to the rapid transfer and soaking of the wood grain drawing on the transfer paper or transfer film after heating or pressing according to the principle of high temperature sublimation heat penetration on the basis of powder coating or electrophoretic painting. On materials that have been sprayed or electrophoresed.


For example Aluminum building material wood grain transfer process:

1. The processed aluminum bismuth gold is first treated by powder coating to make surface undercoating.

2. Select the customized wood grain paper to wrap the transferred sheet metal, and fix the paper interface with high temperature adhesive tape to prevent the grain paper from loosening.

3. Cover with a tubular plastic bag with high temperature resistance and good sealing, and then vacuum the two ends of the plastic bag until the plastic bag can fully and effectively adhere to the substrate.

4. Baking the wood-wrapped sheet metal, the baking temperature and the time period should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the substrate to be transferred and the depth of the surface texture to be transferred.


All of the COLO powder coating machines can be recommended to make undercoating.


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