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Powder Coating Oven Circulation Fan

Cycling hot airs in the chamber to make uniform heat distribution, minimize temperature difference, in order to obtain a quality powder coating finish with even gloss and consistent color.
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Powder Coating Oven Circulation Fan

The main function of circulation fan is cycling hot air to ensure a consistent temperature inside the powder coating oven. Uniform temperature results in a quality powder coating finish. We provide various circulation fans to fit different kinds of powder coating oven. Customers also can choose the suitable circulation fan based on the volume of powder coating oven.

Volume of Powder Coating Oven
Circulation Fan
< 2 cubic metre 0.55 kw
2-3 cubic metre 0.75 kw
4-5 cubic metre 1.5 kw
6-9 cubic metre 2.2 kw
10-15 cubic metre 3-3.5 kw
15-50 cubic metre 5.5 kw
other sizes 7.5 kw

circulation fan

circulation fan

Circulation Fans for Different Powder Coating Ovens

small powder coating oven
Small Electric Powder Coat Oven
big electric powder coating oven
Big Electric Powder Coating Oven
gas powder coating oven
Gas Powder Coating Oven

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