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Powder Coating Oven Heat Exchanger

Heating exchanger is for building an indirect-heating powder coating oven, which transfer fire to hot clean air for quality curing finish.

Powder Coating Oven Heat Exchanger 

  • It is built inside the burning room of gas/LPG/diesel powder coating oven for indirect heating.

  • As burner transfers the fuels to fire and constantly warm-up the heat exchanger, whose steel pipes are in high temperature thus to heat the air. Hot air is than transported to curing chamber through a circulation fan. 

  • Our heat exchanger is constructed with seamless pipes in 8x8 array and made of 310S stainless steel.

  • This heating method creates clean hot air to curing powder-coated parts, results quality finishes, as well as extends oven life. 

heat exchanger

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