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Tribomatic Automatic Gun Spray Heads and Nozzles

Supply tribomatic 16-tube spray gun heads and nozzles, as well as other replacement parts. Factory direct sale, reliable performance and much lower price.

Tribomatic Automatic Gun Spray Heads and Nozzles

Tribomatic automatic powder gun sprayheads and nozzles, Nordson replacement parts, 100% interchangeable with original. Factory direct sale powder coating parts made of high quality material for longer life and less wear, ensure optimal powder coating performance.

tribomatic automatic spray gun heads and nozzle

Tribomatic Optional Sprayheads and Nozzles

16-Tube Sprayheads

630326 225 mm, FIXED

630336 260 mm, FIXED

630363 365 mm, FIXED

630369 425 mm, FIXED

630366 515 mm, FIXED

630340 Cylindrical nozzle, 16 tube

16-Tube Sprayhead Nozzles

630391 Flat

630390 8 orifice

630392 Pinpoint

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