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Sames Powder Coating Gun Parts

Replacement parts for sames powder coating gun, 100% interchangeable with original, but supplied with much lower price! Delivery Time: 1-2 days Delivery Way: TNT, Fedex, DHL Payment: Paypal, T/T, Western Union.

Sames Powder Coating Gun Parts

Supply sames powder coating gun nozzles, powder pump venturis, etc. Factory-direct-sale parts, used with high quality material for longer life and less wear, ensure reliable powder coating performance. 

sames powder coating gun parts

Mach-Jet Powder Spray Gun Parts

Fan Spray Nozzle

Fan spray nozzle assembly without deflector 15325492  S3

Standard fan spray deflector (yellow) 1315957#

Medium fan spray deflector (while) 1313519# S8

Narrow fan spray deflector (light grey) 1311409#

Wide fan spray deflector (red) 1311793#

Round Spray Nozzle

Round spray nozzle assembly without deflector 15325493

Round spray deflector Dia:16mm (white) 1409259  S1

Round spray deflector Dia:12mm (white) 1411500  S1

Round spray deflector Dia:20mm (white) 1409260  S2

Round spray deflector Dia:25mm (white) 1411993  S2

Sames Powder Pump Parts

Powder pump without tube 1526202 

Powder outlet end piece 545192 S4

Porous ring 444490 S10

Venturi ejector (grey) 547880 S6

Venturi ejector+Porous ring 547880+444490 S7

Venturi ejector (white) 1407467


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