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Reliable, easy to use and accurate in-process oven temperature profiling for the coating

Curing oven  Temperature Profiling for Coatings
Model :Colo- SMT-7-128300-K
Channel Number 7 Channel
Temperature 0~500C Thermocouple K Memory 128 K
Resolution  0.5C Accuracy 0.5% Size Φ76 * 200
Use Time  600min under 100C ,or 120min under 200C or 60min under 300C
Recorder Time   4h under sample rate 1s
Sample Rate 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 20s,40s, 60s
Thermal Barrier 280(length) x 120(width) x 100(height)
Setting Software (TrendReader V1.22 )
1)        To select or unselect each channel with Yes or NO
2)        To verify the accuracy separately for each channel
3)        Easy to choose sample rate
4)        Switch ON/OFF
Analysis Software (TrendReporter V1.0)
1)        To display temperature data
2)        To calculate heating rate between two temperature level
3)        To calculate total time above two different temperature
4)        To Calculate Peak Temperature
5)        To Compare different temperature profile
6)        To Print Report
colo-SMT-7-32-300-K Software Trendreporter

The Temperature Tracker is  patent products.
Mainly used such as cars, motorcycles, appliances, aluminum extrusions, furniture, cabinet, elevator,
highway guardrail, auto parts, motors, compressors, valves, piping, mechanical, sanitary ware, kitchenware,
garden facilities, 
Quality assurance in the shelves, lamps, lights, containers, cans, batteries, electronics and
other industries of various ovens  baking,oven curing processes, process optimization and equipment improvements
temperature testing, to improve production 
efficiency, ensure product quality, save operating costs,
meet environmental requirements aim

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