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powder sieve equipment colo-3000S is important part of the automatic powder coating line.

On line to collect ,filter, and mix  ,recycle powder
High efficiency to collect powder and mix old powder with new powder
100L  Large volume powder container to supply powder for 16pcs powder guns to spray
Powder sieve machine characteristics
powder tank 55x55 (colo-3000S01) or 68x68cm (Colo-3000S02)
1, screen for double layer structure, durable.
2, a variety of specifications can be applied to the mesh to facilitate screening of the particles of various sizes.
3, screening machine is stainless steel material, change color quickly and easily.
4, imported special vibration motor, low noise operation.
Technical Parameters
Input voltage: 220-380V
Power: 750W
Operating frequency: 50HZ
Motor rotation: positive and reverse can be
Motor speed: 1500rpm
The hoppper can hold 80 to 100kgs powder coatings  

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