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Automatic Spraying Pretreatment Systems for Powder Coating
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Automatic Spraying Pretreatment Systems for Powder Coating

Spraying pretreatment Suitable for Powder coating , Liquid coating systems. Result better applications.

  • COLO-P-01
  • COLO

Spraying pretreatment

Suitable for single shape and bulk production, fully-automatic painting line.

Pretreatment Systems before Powder Coating

A metal pretreatment system helps you prepare a superior surface on metal for your powder coating, paint, E-coat, and plating.  The system is generally 1-5 stages and works with your preferred pretreatment chemical including conversion coatings.

The pretreatment washer is considered the most important part of the coating process in order to achieve a desirable and long-lasting finish. COLO is on building long-lasting, stainless steel washers that will maintain peak performance and will always look good. A  steel washer have a limited lifespan and will lose performance and aesthetic appearance over time. 

2. Water rinse
3. Derusting
4. Water rinse

5. Drying systems

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