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The PGC 1 Powder Gun Control is designed exclusively for use PG 2A-A automatic powder guns, and other model such as colo-opti auto powder guns.

COLO-PG1 Series Used important famous Italy brand parts ,ensure high quality and long lifetime 

Technical data for the PGC 1 Powder Gun Control
Electrical data
Single-phase AC
Selectable voltage : 100 V, 110 V, 120 V, 200 V, 230 V or 240 V
Tolerance (at 230 V): ±10%, based on 230 V (198 V-253 V)
Voltage selection is made on the inside of the electrical unit by resoldering the tag of the transformer.
The value of the fuse for 100, 110, and 120 V is 1,0 AT and for the higher voltages is 0,5 AT.
The equipment is delivered for operation at 230V from the factory.
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Connected load : 50 VA
Rated output voltage (to gun) : 10 V
Rated output current (to gun) : 1.2 VA
Type of protection : IP 54
Temperature range : +10o C to +40o C (+50o F to +104o F)
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