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Automatic Powder Gun COLO-660-A

COLO-660A Automatic Powder coating equipment, is designed exclusively for automatic electrostatic coating for mass high output job.

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Colo-660 intelligent  Pulse coating system
1). Save powder by 20% compare to Electrostatic Coating, for the average thickness of our products is 60 μ M compare to 70 μ M of the latter.
2). Can coat the objects' deepest corner by charging the powder continuously with low current and high voltage.
3). Can reduce orange peel effect significantly compare to common Electrostatic Coating machine.

A control unit with  power supply cable
- An Automatic powder gun with gun cable, powder Hose, rinsing air hose and standard nozzle set.
- Pneumatic hoses for conveying air (red), supplementary Air (black) and fluidizing air (black)
Powder hose
Ground wire 

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Automatic powder Gun COLO-660 Control unit

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