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Manual Testing Powder Gun CL-191S-TH
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Manual Testing Powder Gun CL-191S-TH

Lab Electrostatic powder coating gun give you good applications in working.

  • CL-191S-TH
  • COLO

Lab Electrostatic powder coating gun CL-191S-TH

Unprecedented precision control of current and voltage ensuring maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating.

  • Flat Parts, maximizes voltage for optimum transfer efficiency.

  • Complex Parts, modifies voltage while holding current for optimum penetration and transfer efficiency.

  • Recoat Parts, automatically adjusts voltage and current to the optimum level for recoating previously coated parts.


offers mobility and flexibility allowing operators to position the unit for easy access and adjustment.

Electrical Data  
Nominal input voltage  
Connected load (without vibrator)  
40 VA  
Nominal output voltage (to the gun)  
eff.10 V  
Nominal output current (to the gun)  
max. 1.2 A  
Connection for rinsing function (valve)  
24 VDC max. 3 W  
Temperature range  
0°C - +40°C(+32°F - +104°F)  
Max. surface temperature  
85 °C (+185 °F)  
II 3 D IP54 120 °C  

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