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Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun COLO-800DT-C

The powder coating gun with 1 lbs application cup is especially suited for manual coating very small series, or laboratory test coatings.
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Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun COLO-800DT-C

  • Comes with 1 lbs application cup working with minimum quantity of powder.

  • Especially suited for test coatings at powder manufacturers, sample coating, or laboratory uses.  

  • Powder cup with a quick release connection to the spray gun enables a very fast color change.

  • Designed for easy use and efficiency thanks to an intelligent controller.


COLO-800D Intelligent Controller Features

colo 800 powder coating gun controller

0-100kv digitally adjustable for voltage. Fully controlled air pressure for pump on conveying, atomizing.

This intelligent controller incorperates 3  One-touch Operation Buttons - which stands for 3 pre-set application programs: flat-shape coating, corner coating and recoating jobs.

Just press the one-touch intelligent buttons, tt is convenient and swift to change the shape for coating. It is a great convenience for beginner who are short of knowledge of parameter setting.

COLO-08 Electrostatic Spray Gun Features

powder coating spray gun

100 kV powder spray gun maximizes powder charging capacity, and always maintains highest transfer efficiency even after long lasting use, most powders are attracted to the metal parts with least powder waste.

The lightweight and ergonomical design enables you to do jobs at ease. Robust struction and high quality materials provies a longer service life.

Comes with full array of nozzle assortment for optimal effect , including flat and round nozzles, extension nozzles for better penetration

COLO-800DT-C Portable Powder Coating Spray Gun Components

1. COLO-800D Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 Light weight manual spray gun

3. 100kv cascade for long lasting work with high transfer efficiency

4. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles with deflectors, extension nozzles.

5. Fluidizing well-sealed powder coating hopper, 1lbs capacity

6. Air moisture filter 

7. Other installation kit with all connections

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