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Fast Color Change booth with Multi Cylones

Automatic powder coating booth with Secondary Recovery System ensure high recyclone rate of powders

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Automatic powder coating booth with the recovery system

cyclone rcovery system
Secondar recovery  system
Rotary  win blow system with less noize

Multi Recovery System

Multi-pipe type small cyclone make the contact area of powder sepeparation more.

Molding guide vanes make ventilation more stable uniform volume and the bottom of the 

powder hopper quickly removed and the side access windows make clean up easier.

Compact structure, small size, not require so many in the space for workshop.

You can choose to configure multiple small cyclone unit performed easily and quickly change color. 

After filter system

Multipe filters make filtering area enough

The efficiency of filter is up to 98%

The precision of filter can reach 2-5 microns

Advanced rotary wing filter for cleaning system

Automatic pulse-type counter blowing cleaning control models make the operation condition of the filter better and 

longer life time.

Air package to ensure that the air flow and air pressure toclean up when you make a more through clean-up. 

Serveral side access window clean-up easier. 

Top-mounted exhaust fan with ventilation so that the form of least resistance.

Top fan room side panel can be removed to facilitate later maintenance.

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