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Sandblasting machine CL-1080ZL
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Sandblasting machine CL-1080ZL

Specially designed manual carts (electric carts), can be cart add turntable sandblasting cabinet,

  • COLO-1080ZL
  • COLO
Tumble Blasting Machine, Automatic Blasting Machine for Small Parts
Tumble blast machine is an automatic blasting system especially for operating small or medium sized parts in large quantities, it is also a kind of mass finishing. It has excellent advantages of: replace hand operation greatly saving manpower to achieve high output; creates more even and uniform surface after blasting, abrasives can touch awkward corner and holes.
The tumble blast machine is an humanzied environmental-friendly blasting equipment, whose enclosed good-sealing working cabinet isolates any splash and noice. With a  cartridge filter dust collector, it ensures only clean and dustfree air discharged to the atmosphere, and leaving the working cabinet a clear view, as well as increasing the the recyling of pure abrasives.

Specifications of Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine

Ouer Dimensions: 1020mm * 1500mm * 1800mm (L * W * H)
working cabinet size:1000mm * 800mm * 780mm (L * W * H)
Tumble Bascket Diameter: 500mm (diameter) can be equipped with the size of the workpiece 
Blasting gun specifications: (20 * 8 * 60mm) 2pcs wear-resistant sandblasting gun
Basket Rotating Speed:8 rev / min (can be installed frequency control)
Basket Rotating Motor: 380V / 50HZ / 400W
Dust Collector System:Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter
Dust Removal Motor: 380V / 50HZ / 550W
Gas requirements: pressure 2-7bar (kg / cm2)
Compression flow: 1.5-2.0m3 / min
Body Plate thickness: 2- 5mm
Openning Door: 1pcs
Sandblast gloves: 1 pair
Single Loading: 1-20KG
Machine lights: 220V 13W LED explosion-proof energy-saving lamps
Total Equipment weight: 300KG
Total Equipment Diamension: 3m3
Total Equipment power: 380V / 50HZ / 1100W

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