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Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet Colo-1212
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Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet Colo-1212

Application&Advantage: This sandblasting machine suitable for heavy workpieces,such as various types of mold, tree, statue, castings, motor, etc Specially designed manual carts (electric carts), convenient and quick.

  • COLO-1212
  • COLO
Turntable Type Sandblasting Cabinet, Manual Sandblasting Cabinet for Sale
Turntable Type Sandblasting Cabinet is specially applicable for finishing heavy-duty product, like mold, statue, motor, car wheells, etc, significantly increase the working efficiency.
Working size: length1200*width1200*height800mm Loading Capacity:200kgs
Feature: The outstanding design is the installed turntable in the chamber, allows users blasting heavy parts just rotate the turntable while not need to manually move them. Automatic or manual turntable can be selected, and the size can be made according to customers' parts. Cart and track outside the cabinet for loading products conveniently(optional).
Application: cleaning, deburring, descaling, rust-removing, burnishing a lot of metal or non-metal workpieces to get a smooth and bright surface for end users, also to be a pretreatment process for powder coating or electroplating

The benefits of using sandblasting equipment
1. Customized sandblasting cabinet are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different conditions
2. Cause no pollution on the workpieces surface and no chemical reaction between workpieces and blasting media
3. Corners or other awkward places can be easily reached and cleaned by sandblasting machine.
4. Processing by sandblasting cabinet can greatly improve the surface cleaning and reduce much manual effort.
5. The sandblasting cabinet equipment is well sealed with no sand leakage and splash to protect the operator's health;
6. Various options of blasting abrasive is available, such as glass beads, steel ball, aluminum oxide, ceramic grit, etc.


Turntable sandblasting machine

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