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What are the advantages of New Polypropylene Spray Booth?

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A new efficient Polypropylene Spray Booths are demanded by more and more customers. Why do they choose the PP spray booth?

This modern plastic booth has the advantage of not being conductive, so no powder is attracted to it and therefor more powder goes onto the product being sprayed. Colour changes are also speeded up because the booth can be cleaned down much faster and there is no ducting between the booth and cyclone for powder to get trapped in. We are already seeing powder savings because we can reclaim more powder.

With reduced colour change times, we are able to reclaim powder more often rather than spray to waste. The installation was planned and executed to have minimal impact on interrupting production. The 1 day out of production was worthwhile now that we are seeing the benefits

The operators can observe and detect the working conditions from The transparent PP spray booth .

The compressed air can easily blow off the powder attached inside the spray booth, for quick cleaning of the spray booth.The main thing is to save powder and long term benefits

Welcome you to me for COLO for more technologies in the powder coating fields.

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