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Automatic Powder Coating Gun COLO-660-A

COLO-660A Automatic Powder coating equipment is designed exclusively for automatic electrostatic coating for high output job. The Pulse function, a coating option that is said to penetrate tough Faraday Cage areas.
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Automatic Powder Coating Gun COLO-660-A

The automatic control cabinet is the ideal entry into automatic powder coating production with its compact design and simple operation. Powder gun controllers are installed in this cabinet while a reciprocator holds spray guns 

  • Support for custom, up to 24 powder gun controllers could be installed on the central cabinet.

  • All powder gun controllers that installed on the central cabinet is convenient to adjust parameters.

  • High-quality powder coating through combination with COLO powder gun and reciprocators.

  • Provides efficient and cost-saving powder coating effect with the precisely control.

660A automatic powder coating gun

COLO-660 Powder Gun Controller

One-touch intelligent buttons provides quick operation to get the best coating result for different shapes workpiece, including flat mode, corner mode, re-coat mode, and pulse-mode.

powder gun controller

1. Flat coating for simple and flat shape parts.

2. Corner coating for parts with complex shape and deep corners.

3. Recoating for repairing powder coating parts.

4. Pulse coating, repidly recharge the powder for high transfer efficiency, reduces orange peel effect efficiently.

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