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Compact Manual Powder Coating Line (for Austrial Customer)

Specially designed for Austrialia customer requiring manual powder coating application of metal parts such as furniture products, profiles, frames etc
  • COLO-L-M01
  • COLO

Compact Manual Powder Coating Line

This powder coating line is specially designed for our Australia customer which is space-saving but meets their batch production needs This plant includes a set of manual powder coating equipment,  a walk-in powder booth with filter recovery,  a gas curing oven and an overhead track system

manual powder coating line

This overhead track system is easy to transport heavy materials into the oven.

Manual Powder Coating    Customer's Workparts before Powder Coating
powder coating      Customer's Workparts after Powder Coating

COLO-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun

  • A full digital interface allows easily setting parameters for precise coating jobs.

  • The use of advanced DVC technology leads to excellent jobs with even most complex parts or challenging powders 

  • Box feed type directly conveyor powders from original carton, suitable for color change demands

  • Flexible trolley with wheels can be moved everywhere without location limitation.

manual powder coating gun

Powder Coating Booth

  • This powder coating booth allows operators walking in for the coating of large workparts. 

  • Powder spraying jobs are applying in the closed booth which provides a safe and clean workshop

  • Built-in 12 pcs of filters integrated in the booth wall for powder capture and recovery.  

  • Designed with automatic filter cleaning through pulse-jetting extends filter's life.

  • Parts are transported by overhead conveying system with less manual efforts. 


Inner Size L5.5m x W2.8m x H3.1m
Opening Size W2.8m x H2.9m
Material SPCC/t=1.5mm, with door
Bottom Frame 8# square tube
Booth Inner Frame 8# square tube
Recovery System Filter Cartridge (12pcs)
Fan Motor 3kw, 4sets
Air Flow 4050m^3/h

Powder Coating Oven

  • Gas heated powder coating oven features cost-saving and environmental-friendly.

  • Rockwool insulation of100mm is inserted between galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins, effectively minimums temperature dropping.

  • A circulation fan cycles hot air uniformly and keeps even temperature in the chamber. 

  • The powder-coating oven is easy to operate thanks to the PLC control unit with precise temperature regulation and timer.


Working Dimension Width 2.5m x Height 3.1m x Depth 5.6m
Insulation Plate t=100mm
Hemming SGCC/t=1.5mm
Bottom Frame 8# Square Tube
Inner Frame 8# Square Tube
Gas Burner 300,000 cal/h, RIELLO brand
Fan Motor 11kw, 1 set
Air Flow 12000-14000m^3/h

We can design, manufature, install powder coating plant as customer's requirements!

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