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Compact Manual Powder Coating Plant (for Ireland Customer)

Specially designed for Ireland customer requiring manual powder coating of metal parts such as aluminum profiles, fence, frames, tubes, etc
  • COLO-L-M01
  • COLO

Manual Powder Coating Conveyor Line

This powder coating plant is specially designed for our Ireland customer that suits for their limited factory space. This plant includes a set of manual powder coating equipment,  a pass-thru powder booth with filter recovery,  a gas curing oven with top tracks, and a transport loading system

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COLO-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun

COLO-191S manual powder coating gun is developed for easy and efficient job, suits for both beginners and specialists. Based on COLO advanced technology, complex parts with deep corner can be perfectly coated with this model.  60lbs fluidizing powder hopper suits for large constant jobs. Flexible trolley with wheels can be moved everywhere.

powder coating equipment

Powder Coating Booth

This powder coating room allows operators walking in for the coating of large workparts. There are serveral filter stages integrated in the booth wall for powder capture and recovery.  Parts are transported by conveying system with less manual efforts. 


Powder Coating Oven

This powder coating oven installed with track system which is easily to transport heavy materials into the oven. Our oven can be heated by electric, gas or diesel as required.

A circulation fan cycles hot air uniformly and keeps even temperature in the chamber. Our powder coating ovens features environmental friendly, reducing operating cost and curing more parts everyday.


We can design, manufaturer, install powder coating plant as customer's requirements!

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