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Electrostatic Flocking Velvet Machine COLO-F-668

Electrostatic velvet flocking utilizes an electric charge to orient fibers and promote their perpendicular alignment to embedded on the adhesive substrate. This technology is widely used in artistic, clothing, packaging and automotive industries.

COLO-F-668 Electrostatic Flocking Velvet Machine

Electrostatic flocking machine works to charge fiber particles which are then attracted to the ground-connected substrate that is to be flocked. The substrate surface should be applies adhesive before flocking. 

With the electric field lines of force, the charged fibers become aligned and moves towards the adhesive coated substrate and becomes embedded. Fibers are adhered perpendicular to the surface giving a desired velvet finish. This technique optimizes the results to obtain longer fiber and good coverage on three dimensional objects.

electrostatic flocking machine

Electrostatic Flocking Velvet Machine Advantages

  • The controllor offers the flexibility to change voltage from 0-100kv which digitally shows on the display.

  • Regulation valves allows fully adjustable air for conveying, dosage and nozzle rinsing.  

  • 100kv high voltages spray gun generator ensures high transfer efficiency.

  • Ideally suited to continuous and smooth flocking for medium and large jobs. 

  • Professional design makes it easy to penetrate corners of complex substrates

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Electrostatic Flocking Velvet Machine Applications

  • Textile/Garment/T-Shirt/Saree flock printing industries.

  • Automotive industry for coating window rubbers, glove boxes, coin boxes, door cards, dashboards.

  • Artistic products including the decoration of Jewellery boxes, Gift Boxes, Toys, 3D Objects, Wall Paper, Velvet Finish products, 

  • Flock can be applied to an endless range of materials including Fabric, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Rubber and Leather products.

electrostatic flocking machine

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