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How to assemble Automatic Powder Coating Booth?

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How to assemble Automatic Powder Coating Booth?

All of the customer asked us if they purchase automatic powder coating booth from COLO. How to assemble it?

First of all COLO supply the installation Guide service, it is compensable service. We can send 1 or 2 technology people go to your factory,, it will need you have at least 8-10 worker ready and supplementary equipment before they arrived. It will take around 15-29 days according to situation of Booth or complete powder coating Line.

Second we will send cutomer the complete layout and installation guide paper. some of them choose to do by themselves. For exmple recently we know from Saudi Araba buyer tried to build the PP automatic powder coating booth ,hardly finished yet.

Look from below picture. amazing!~

Saudi Araba booth

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