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Add : Building34,No 536 ,ShunFeng RD, Yuhang,Hangzhou,China
P.C. : 310010
Tel : (86) 0571-8781 0513
Phone : +86 13906508694
Fax : (86) 0571-8781 0513
E-mail : sales@colourspray.com

News and Events

  • As the leader in the powder coating ,COLO every year will attend the powder coating show to meet new fiends and old clients . And the clients every year feel our progress, we are getting better and better.


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  • On 29th, Dec,2018 , all members of the COLO gathered together to complete the hard work and complete the new year.


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  • In electrostatic powder coating, the cause of chromatic aberration of the coating film is caused by both powder coating and powder coating process control.Considering the powder coating itself, the general powder coating production plant is formulated according to the user's requirements.


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  • Cyclone separation recovery equipment consists of a cyclone separator, a blower, and a vibrating screen. cyclone, it is made using the principle of a tornado. When the high-speed air stream passes through the upper cylindrical portion of the reverse-tapered separator, the air stream rotates at a hig


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