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PGC1 Manual Powder Coating System (NON OEM - compatible with certain gema products)

- More cheaper price comparing with original PGC1 - Large quantities in stock, quick delivery time. - 1 year warranty for main parts (such as cascade, cable, PCB) - Wearing parts always in hand, such as spray nozzles, tubes, sleeves, etc.

COLO-500-PGC1  Manual Powder Coating System

Same quality and performance with original PGC1, all technical datas and spare parts interchangeable. The main electronic components are imported from Italy electronic accessories ensure the high quality and long service life.

PGC1 powder coating system

Worked with PG1 manual spray gun, this model makes great contributes towards high powder covering ratio in spraying various of shapes of workpieces. Three air ways in spraying gun guarantee to obtain good conditions of powder output and ideal layer quality. Easy to adjustable voltage from 0-100kv to optimize your application

PG1 powder coating gun

PG1 Manual Spray Gun

CL-G-340 057 - 副本

PGC1 Control Unit

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