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Plastic PP/PVC Automtic Powder Spray Booth

Quick Color Change ,PP /PVC Plastic Automatic Powder Spray Booth , help you increase the production efficient.

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Plastic Automatic Powder Spray Booth from China Manufacturer 

Comparing with the metal spray booth, the PP powder coating booth has obvious technical advantages.

In the high-voltage electrostatic field, inner wall of PP booth brings the charge with the same polarity as

the powder particales, making the inner wall's rebound effect on the powder particles because of homogeneous repulsion,

so that more powder can gather to the workpiece which effectively improve the spraying efficency.

Less powder adsorption to the inner wall makes less powder to through the powder coating equipment, achieving

high powder utilization to save powder. 

High efficiency of the bottom exhaust, macthing with the discharge device of "large-diameter double- whirlwind powder separator +terminal filter" makes the least powder accumulation and the most environmental-friendly emission.

Air compressed gun can easily blow off the powder that has attacehd to the booth wall, helpful to rapid cleaning.

According to the production requirement, you can choose appropriate type of automatic powder coating control center to improve the main task of spraying, to save time and energy.

Variable frequency stepless speed regulation reciprocator can carry spray gun perfectly, and complete the spraying task successfully.

Optionalpowder self-recycling feed center ensures maximum utilization of powder and least waste, so you no need to worry about the automatic powder recovery, filtering and powder return to the powder hopper. 

Specification of Automatic powder coating booth 

Booth   Type Mono-Cyclone 
Operator dimensions 800width   x 2000 height x 6000 depth
Air Quantity  27200-32000 m3/h
Weight 4000kgs
Power supply Electric
Nominal power 15KW
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Filters Polyester
Filters count 16pcs
Filters hang type easy   for change
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic
cyclone 16-32 pcs,Efficient   automatic separation 
Rotation wing self-cleaning cartridge filter unit 1set
fliud hopper  1set

A variety of bottom recycling methods are available for customers to choose from, suitable for all types of workpieces

Option of automatic spray booth

Plastic powder booth body plastic powder coating booth

Mono cyclone recovery systems PP automatic powder spray booth

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