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PP Plastic Automtic Powder Spray Booth

PP/PVC plastic automatic powder spray booth with cyclone recovery is the most efficient solution for color change. The plastic materials spray booth has obvious advantage to increase powder utilization and reduce waste.

PP Plastic Powder Coating Booth, Automatic Powder Booth with Cyclone

Our automatic powder coating booth constructed with plastic booth chamber and stainless steel cyclone, which is specially built for multi-color coating lines. As the booth wall is made of anti-static plastic it does not attract powders which minimizes powder accumulation on the surface. It is the best choice for quick color change and high powder recovery demands.


Benefits of Plastic Powder Coating Booth

1.Easy and Quick Color Change

Color changes are speeded up because the booth can be cleaned much faster and easier.  The minimal impact on interrupting production greatly increase production efficiency.

2.Powder Saving

As less powders accumulates on the wall and deposit particles can be easily removed, more overspray powders recovered and reused rather than spray to waste.

3.Cleaner Working Condition

During color change the operator does not need to remove thick layers of powder inside the booth.  The operator's health is much better protected, and the risk of powder escaping and contaminating the environment is minimized.

Powder Coating Booth Floor Design

We can design a variety of booth floor recycling suitable for different types of workpieces. The booth floor integrated with various air cleaning system,  periodically removes the powder accumulated on the booth floor and push it to the extraction and recovery system.  The booth floor remains clean, with just a minimum amount of powder.

plastic powder spray booth

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Features

  • High-efficiently designed air cleaning system at booth floor, matching with the discharge device of "large-diameter cyclone separator + after filter unit" makes the least powder accumulation and the most environmental-friendly emission.

  • Our system allows custom design to select 2-24 pcs of auto spray guns to achieve any scale of production

  • Variable frequency stepless speed regulation reciprocator can carry spray gun perfectly, and complete the spraying task successfully.

  • Optional powder self-recycling feed center ensures maximum utilization of powder and least waste, so you no need to worry about the automatic powder recovery, filtering and powder return to the powder hopper. 

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