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Small Powder Coating Gun Kit COLO-660T-H

Designed for short runs, with the hopper 20x30cm, 10lbs powder volume is the perfect solution for coating small quantities or small sized objects. 
With intelligent functions and excellent coating effects, the COLO-660 powder coating machine is ideal for spraying workpiece with deep corners.
  • COLO-660T-H

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Small Powder Coating Gun Kit COLO-660T-H

Powder Coating Gun Controller 

powder coating gun control

1. The COLO-660 controller offers easy adjustment for high voltage from 0-100kv, the kv and amperage values will be shown on the digital display for accurate reading, as well as pressure regulation valves for powder output air, atomization air and gun cleaning air.

2. There are 4 One-touch Intelligent Buttons with quick operation for handling different metal shapes:

Flat coating: high-quality powder coating for flat parts.

Corner coating: for powder coating complex shapes with corners.

Recoating: easy to operate when parts need to be secondary powder coated.

Pulse coating: rapidly and continuously recharges the powder  with a low current and a high voltage at intervals of short time to coat complex shapes. 

Electrostatic Spray Gun Features

electrostatic powder spray gun

1. 100 kV powder spray gun maximizes powder charging capacity, and always maintains highest transfer efficiency even after long time use, most powders are attracted to the metal parts with least material waste.

2. Comes with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize your spray effect, including flat spray nozzles,  round spray nozzles with different size deflectors, and extension nozzles for touching deep corners.

3. 500g Lightweight manual spray gun with ergonomic design tends to reduce operator's fatigue after long time use.

4. Robust structure and high-quality materials provides this spray gun a longer lifespan.

COLO-660T-H Small Powder Coating Gun Kit Components

1. COLO-660 Digital Intelligent Controller

2. COLO-08 100kv Manual powder gun corona type with 5m cable 

3. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles, extension nozzles.

4. Fluidizing stainless steel powder coating hopper, 10 lbs capacity

5. High quality powder injectors for smooth and uniform output

6. Powder hose 5 meters, anti-static material

7. Oil-water separating filter 

8. Other Installation tools and connections

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