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Why Choose Electrostatic Powder Coating?

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The working principle of the electrostatic powder spraying method is almost the same as that of the general liquid coating, except that the powder spraying is dispersed rather than atomized. The coating is sprayed out by an electrostatic powder spray gun, and at the same time, the powder particles are charged with a negative charge, and the charged powder particles are subjected to the action of an air flow (or other force such as centrifugal force and the like) and an electrostatic attraction force, and are coated on a coated object which is grounded, and then is heated and solidified to form a film. The electrostatic powder coating method is a mainly method in the field of industrial coating.

Electrostatic powder spraying is a coating machine with atomization nozzle (atomization of coating) and discharge stage (electric current) to microgranulate 

the coating, apply charge to it, form an electric field between the electrode and the coated object, and make use of its electrostatic adsorption to paint the coating. 

Main features: spraying mode can be manual, automatic or manual automatic. 100% of the spraying material is solid powder, the free powder can be recycled, 

and the recovery utilization rate of coating can reach 98%. Suspension transportation system, high degree of automation. The coating has few micropores, good anticorrosion performance, and can be sprayed with thick film at one time.


Reduce the level of pollution to the environment.

remarkable economical benefit.

energy conservation.

Excellent coating performance.

To start a powder coating shop, we suggest you choose the base pacakge for your reference.

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