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Automatic spray gun COLO-500STAR

Automatic spray gun COLO-500STAR

  • COLO-500A
  • COLO

Automatic spray gun COLO-500STAR

Electrical data:

Mains input voltage: 220V/110V

Operating frequency: 50Hz /60Hz

Powder: 50WOutput voltage (to the gun): 0-100KV ( adjustable)

Maximum output current (to the gun): 180UA(max)

Protection type: IP54

Approvals: CE Certification 

Pneumatical dataInput pressure: Min. 6 bar(87PSI)/max. 10 bar(145PSI)

Recommended input pressure: 7 bar(101.5PSI)Max. Water vapor content of the compressedAir 1.3 G/m 3;Max. Oil vapor content of the compressed air 0.1 mg/m3;   

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