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Powder Coating Booths for Sale

COLO design and manufacture powder coating spray booth for different purposes, such as standard COLO-1517, COLO-2315 is suited for small and medium production, and walk-in type are recommended for large buiker parts, through type booths are worked with conveyor system for continuous batch production. Special cyclone powder coating booth are designed to maximize efficiency during color change.

Manual Powder Coating Booth

Automatic Powder Coating Booth

Powder Coating Booth Working Principle

For Single Stage Filter Recovery Powder Coating Booths 
The powder spray booth has a powerful fan draws air into the booth that creates a negative pressure in the chamber, during powder spraying,  the suspended powder particulates in the air flow will gather in the cartridge filters,  thus dustless air willm vent back to the workshop. A pulse-jetting device will automatically clean the filter by interval controlled via PLC. The cleaned and released powders from cartridge filters will drop into a recovery hopper beneath the stage. 
For Multi Stage Cyclone Recovery Powder Coating Booths
Cyclone systems handles all of the exhausted air from the booth. Air flow containing overspray powders will be transported into cyclone device The air is moved in a rotational pattern around the cyclone chamber, The heavier particles fall down into a collection tray,  which will be connected with powder sieving and feeding device. These powder particles are recycled
While the rest superfine particulates will be propelled upwards to a secondary recovery unit The unit includes 9-16pcs high precision cartridge filters to capture superfine particles for a dustless conditions. These powder particles are wasted.

Cyclone systems can typically have a recovery efficiency of approximately 85% to 95%  It is more recommended in automated or high-volume production environments, especially in multi-color applications.

COLO Powder Coating Booth Configurations

Durable Materials – booth is constructed by cold-rolled steel with powder-coated surface, study and anti-rust.

High Velocity Pulse Jet Cleaning System – maintains optimum filter efficiency for a longer filter life

Quiet Exhaust Fan – typically operates at low DBA noise levels.

Cartridge Filters –  D325xH900mm filters made of 100% polyester, yield a higher air-to-cloth ratio
PLC Control - manage timing of filter cleaning, control fan working and other electric functions

Lighting – high efficiency lighting fixtures designed for more precise powder spraying jobs.

Essential Accessories – all necessary caulking, nuts and bolts, and hardware for proper booth installation

COLO Powder Coating Booth Advantages

Environmentally Safe
COLO powder coating booths exceed safety and code requirements to protect those that work in any industrial spray environment, while also protecting our atmosphere. Your booth will be designed to efficiently remove the powders overspray from the painting operation while maintaining uniform air flow throughout the work area.
Materials Saving
Our powder coating booths are built with high efficiency recovery systems, whether in manual or automatic spray system, increase powder materials utilization and ensures high recycling rate. The recycled powders are clean and pure to be fed back to the system. It is a great saving of production cost.

Flexible and Adaptable
COLO custom design powder coating booths to be flexible and adaptable to whatever your finishing applications might be. We design open face booths for manual batch production,  conveyorized booths for high production automatic spray system, cyclone booths for fast color change demands. We have built a variety of powder coating booth all over the world.

Effective and Efficient
Our powder coating booths provides you an extremely effective method of powder collecting. These booths are designed with a Cartridge-Style Filtration System or Cyclone System that captures the powder overspray, allowing clean air to recirculate back into your plant. This eliminat­es the need for an exhaust stack with expensive air re­placement systems. 


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