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Manual Powder Coating Plant
Consisting of manual coating equipment, spray booth and curing ovens, these are solutions designed for those who need to make sure they can coat pieces of any size, shape and colour., especially for oversized and overweighted items, big batch productions, thus it requires large dimensions for booth and oven, It your investment can not catch up to automatic lines, manual system will saves your money budget and factory space. It is also ideal for those complex objects that require more precise operation that automatic line can not achieve.
COLO has rich experience in designing and manufacturing powder coating plants for worldwide customer of different applications. The manual plants we have built for aluminium profiles, metal frames, metal doors, big plates, etc.
Powder Coating Plant Designs
Pass Thru Spray Booth with Trolley Oven

Applications: suitable for long length but not heavy workparts , as this system requires manually move the sprayed objects from booth to the trolley of curing oven.


Parts can be sprayed by double sides thanks to the dual station booth, they enters to the booth and exit under the track system, then a batch of coated parts are put on the frame sent to the powder oven for curing.


1. Powder Coating Machines. 

2. Pass Thru Spray Booth

3. Powder Coating Oven with trolley