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Small Powder Coating Business Start-up
Powder coating is a widely accepted application to create a surface finish on metal substrates which is more durable than conventional painting. It is often used in car and motorcycle restoration, as well as on metal accessories and appliances. People who have small workshop may requires an easy and effcient system to start their small powder coating business. COLO equipment's latest technology is employed and are appreciated for their corrosion resistance, durability, precision designing, easy installation, optimization of energy & space, easy cleaning and cost effectiveness.
Powder Coating Equipment Package
The part is electrostatically charged and sprayed with powder, which is electrostatically charged. The parts are then baked in an industrail heating oven to “cure” the coating. The powder coating is the process by powder coating gun, powder coating booth and powder coating oven. The Below 2 packages are most popular for starting small powder coating business.
Powder Coating Machines
Based on COLO over 10+ years technology and experience, our Powder Coating Machine always delivers easiest operation, perfect coating quality and optimal working efficiency. Each unit comes with:
  • 100kv manual spray gun,
  • Digital smart controller,
  • constant fluidizing hopper/Vibration Table
  • Flexible trolley,
  • Smooth flow injectors,
  • Anti-static ground hose, and other long life components.
Powder Coating Booths
The advanced manual spray booth giving a bright, clean environment for powder coating operations. It is ideal for small-to-medium sized batch powder applications.
  • A high-performance fan efficiently circulate air with low noise and less energy.
  • A user-friendly PLC panel integrates all functions,
  • Incorporates proven cartridge-filter technology capturing excess powders
  • Automatic pulse-jet cleaning system extends filter's life.
  •  A removable powder hopper beneath the filter simplifies the utilization of recovery powders
  • Designed with wheels perfectly for shops where being able to move the unit is vital.
  • Our booth fully constructed with powder-coated steel exceptionally increases stability and durability
Powder Coating Ovens
The COLO small and medium batch powder coating oven is simple and efficient for powder curing process,  applying to batch heating jobs for workparts, such as alloy wheels, bike frames, motorcycle parts, etc.
  • Electric heating method provides a quick raise to required temperature with using less energy.
  • PLC panel allows to set the required temperature and heating time accurately.
  • Utilizes a sandwich panel design. Rockwool insulation of at least 100mm is inserted between galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins, effectively minimums temperature dropping.
  • Built with loading frames and trolley that could easily handle batch workpieces in and out of the oven.

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