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Fast Color Change Solution for Automatic Powder Coating Line
As we all know, in multi-color powder coating line, It is necessary to clean the spray booth and recycle the remaining powder when changing a different color, otherwise there will be mixed colors causing color aberration, finally affect your sales.  
However color change especially in automatic powder coating line is not an simple process, if interrupting for long periord, it will decrease your daily output. In such case,  COLO proposes a solution to this problem, through the use of pp plastic powder coating cyclone booth and powder feed center, fast color changes in the automatic powder coating line is realized.

Essential Part 1 Anti-static Powder Coating Cycone Booth

  • Traditional sheet metal booth walls are conductive and attract charged powder particles that accumulate in thick layers on their surface. 
  • COLO modern automatic powder coating booth are construced with non-conductive plastic wall, which greatly prevent powder acumulation, and easy for cleaning.
  • The plastic walls are anti-static and do not attract powder, allows only a small amount of powder particles deposits on the walls,.
  • Plastic powder booth has very low powder accumulation, therefore ccolor changes are speeded up because the booth can be cleaned much faster and easier. 
Mono-cyclone Recovery Unit
Highly efficient for separating overspray powder particulates from air flow, typically have a recovery efficiency of approximately 85% to 95%
filter recovery
Cartridge Filter Recovery Unit
The stage containes a group of high-precision filters that captures ultrafine powder particulates that passes through them, ensures dustfree airflow vented.
plastic powder coating booth
Anti-static Booth Wall
Spray booth wall is made of durable pp plastic, features anti-static which greatly prevent powder acumulation, and easy for cleaning.
powder coating booth floor
Self-cleaning Booth Floor
The self cleaning floor effectively remove the powders accumulated on the booth floor and transfer them to the cyclone recovery system

Essential Part 2 - Powder Feed Center for Color Change Line

  • The COLO-6200 powder feed center has a very compact design with outstanding performace in automatic color change line.
  •  Highest cleaning efficiency due to automatic cleaning of all powder-carrying components, such as powder pipes, spray guns, sieving sections, etc.
  • Efficient color changes thanks to the fully automated process. Changing color only requires changing original powder box.
  • Ultrasonic sieving of fresh and recovery powder for extremely uniform powder flow. prevents any powder accumulations.
  • Integrated control of all components of the powder coating line
Box Feed Funnel
It allows diectly placing the original powder box on the funnel, which ncrease the flexiblility and efficiency of color change.
MLF08950 (2)
PP05 Powder Pump
PP05 powder pump powerful conveys fresh powder from bottom powder box to upper powder sieving section
MLF08968 (2)
Ultrasonic Sieving Powder Container
The fresh and recovered powders will pass into a  ultrasonic sieving section, which dissolves and loosens any accumulations for very even powder flow.  The container has powder volume detector,
Touching Screen PLC Control
It control every process of powder coating line, such as powder feeding, powder recovery, spray booth cleaning, reciprocator moving, fan working and oven curing, etc
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