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Small Powder Coating Business Start-up
Powder coating is a widely accepted application to create a surface finish on metal substrates which is more durable than conventional painting. It is often used in car and motorcycle restoration, as well as on metal accessories and appliances. People who have small workshop may requires an easy and effcient system to start their small powder coating business. COLO equipment's latest technology is employed and are appreciated for their corrosion resistance, durability, precision designing, easy installation, optimization of energy & space, easy cleaning and cost effectiveness.
Powder Coating Equipment Package
The part is electrostatically charged and sprayed with powder,  are then baked in an industrail heating oven to “cure” the coating. The powder coating is the process by powder coating gun, powder coating booth and powder coating oven. The Below 2 packages are most popular for starting small powder coating business.
Small Powder Coating Equipment Package 
This complete powder coating system supports small scale industrial application, gives an easy and quick start of basic powder coating jobs by using less cost and labor.. It is ideal for small objects with lower produtivity demands.
COLO-191S-V  Powder Coating Gun: best professional tools with upgrade functions and perfect coating results.
COLO-1115 Powder Spray Booth: with working dimension Wdith1000 x Height1500 x Depth1000mm
2 pcs of quick-release filter cartridges, allows easy cleaning and fast color change.
COLO-1688 Powder Coating Oven:  Working dimensions: Wdith1000 x Height1600 x Depth1000mm. The oven provides uniform hot air distribution resulting in quality cured finishes.The shelve and rail designs allows easy hanging workparts into the oven.