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Pass Thru Powder Coating Spray Booth COLO-S-3212

This pass thru powder booth is designed for the double-sided manual coating,  The slot in the top of the spray booth allows the racked parts to pass through the coating area with the track installed above the booth.
  • COLO-S-3212

  • COLO

  • Width620 * Depth2920 * Heght1500 mm


COLO-3212 Pass Thru Powder Coating Spray Booth

COLO-S-3212 Pass Thru Powder Coating Booth is the best choice for conveyorized coating applications, double working stations allows operators to paint both sides of parts simultaneously. It supports continuous production of long and thin products, such as aluminum profiles, window frame, metal doors, etc.

powder coating spray booth

COLO-S-3212 Pass Thru Powder Coating Booth Features

1. The recovery module combines 6 pcs high-precision filters made of 100% polyester that maximize separating efficiency

2. Pulse jet device provides interval filters cleaning, effectively eliminates powder accumulation and prolongs filters' useful life.
3. Full parameters and functions can be handled on the PLC panel, such turning on / off fan, setting pulse-jetting time and interval, light on/off, emergency stop etc.

5. The booth body is made of powder-coated steel plate constructed for rust resistance, durability and ease of cleaning.

6. A collection hopper beneath the filter stage ensure the collected overspray powders are clean, and can be easily taken away for recycling.
7. Simple installation - only electrical and air connections are required to start production.

powder coating booth filters

cartridge filters

powder booth fan

fan motor


powder collector


PLC control

Pass Thru Powder Coating Booth Specifications:

Model COLO-S-3212
Operating Dimensions Width620 * Depth2920 * Heght1500mm
Overall dimensions Width1200 * Depth3000 * Heght2033mm  
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Filter Count
6 pcs, Quick-release Type
Filter Material
Filter Cleaning

Pass Through Powder Coating Booth Application

The pass thru powder coating booth works with manual coating machine, curing oven, allows continuous batch production of long length workparts

Our powder booth exceeds safety and code requirements to protect those who work in painting environment, by means of a fan drawing clean air into the booth and passing it across high-quality filters before recirculating it back into the booth area, thus all recycling air is free-particles.  

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