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Multi-Cyclone Automatic Powder Coating Booth

- Multi-cyclone recovery stage with secondary filter recovery stage. 
- Maximize powder utilization for multi-color applications. 
- Booth size and configurations can be designed as requests.

Multi-cyclone Automatic Powder Coating Booth

This automatic spray booth is ideal for big and continuous powder coating production, whose cyclone design maximizes efficiency during color change, minimal powder waste in process at all times due to highest transfer efficiency and air cleaning system contributing to a clean, safe coating environment.


Automatic Powder Coating Booth Features

1.  Mainly consists of spray chamber, multi-cyclone, filter recovery stage, fan motor, etc, each component is crucial for the perfect powder coating effect

2. The multi cyclone device can achieve a single separation efficiency of up to 98%.

3. Filter stage uses a high-precision, long-life filter, effectively capturing ultrafine particulates to ensure only dustfree air back to the workshop.

4. Unrestricted operator access around the product for manual touch up facilitates perfect results and simple, easy coating inspection.

5. Air clean system continuously transports over sprayed powder from the booth floor, safely and quickly recycling it back to the powder feed container.

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