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Automatic Powder Coating Booth System (in Hubei, China)

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-  automatic powder coating booth system

This automatic powder coating booth system is specially designed for our domesitic Hubei customer for the application of truck parts. The system includes pp plastic powder coating cyclone booth, automatic powder guns, reciprocator, powder feed center.

The customer's most important requirement is the high recovery of powder overspray and a dustless working condition, which means overspraying powders must be continuously collected and transferred back to the system, and there should be minimum amout of powder escape out of the booth or stick on the booth wall. 

Thus we configured with a specially designed automatic powder coating booth made of PP plastic, and work with cyclone recovery system to be the primary role. It is the most efficient solution for high powder recovery rate, as pp plastic material features anti-static, and less powders will stick onto the spray booth or escape outside, which means more powders will be transferred to the powder management center for recycling.

automatic powder coating system   automatic powder coating booth

Automatic Powder Coating Line Working Process

Workparts movement is driven through the overhead conveying system. When passing through an automatic spray booth, the workparts get powder spraying by automatic equipment ensures uniform powder film thickness. Afer spraying, the workparts will be automatically transported into a curing tunnel for continuously production. Overspray powders will be transferred from spray booth to the powder feed center for sieving and recycling back to the spray guns.

automatic powder coating equipment

Scope of Main Components

1. Automatic Powder Booth with Cyclone Recovery, 

2. Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator. 2sets

3. Automatic Powder Coating Guns, 16pcs

4. Powder Feeding Center, 1set

5. Manual Powder Coating Gun, 2sets

6. Overhead Conveying System, 1 unit

Details of Main Components

Automatic Powder Coating Booth

QQ图片2024041automatic powder coating booth5112533

1. Type: Automatic pass through type, workparts are transpored to the booth by overhead conveyor and get spraying from both sides.

2. Working size: Width1700 x Depth8600 x Height2100 mm

3. Booth Body Material: PP Plastic, Anti-static, Non-stick of Powders

4. Booth Floor: Air Knife Cleaning System, prevents powder accumulation.

5. Working station: automatic coating station & manual coating station

6. First Stage Powder Recovery: 304 Stainless steel cyclone, diameter 1.3m.

7. Second Stage Powder Collection: 2x16pcs filter cartridge with rotary wing, Size: 325x600mm, 100% polyester

8. Fan motor: 22kw

9. Air Flow: 15000m^3/h, 3500-3000pa

automatic powder coating

automatic station

powder coating equipment

manual station

powder coating booth cyclone


powder coating booth filter

cartridge filter

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

automatic powder coating system

1. Including: 2 sets COLO-2200D reciprocator, 8 sets COLO-191S automatic guns & 1 sets central controlled cabinet

2. It is the ideal entry into automatic series production offering quality finishes and great powder savings.

3. Multi controllers of automatic powder coating gun installed on a central cabinet, with compact design and simple operation. All units can be integrated controlled through a host unit.

4. COLO-191S automatic powder coating machine is one of the most suitable solution for coating line, effective, reliable, cost-saving.

5. The PLC controlled painting reciprocator driven by frequency motor, giving more smooth and precise motion, increase powder coating uniformity and reduce powder waster

powder coating reciprocator


automatic powder coating machine

Central Cabinet

automatic powder coating gun

Automatic Gun

COLO-6200 Powder Feeding Center

automatic powder coating feeding center

The newly-developed powder management center is an efficient and space-saving solution for automatic powder coating line, has the following highlights:

- Allows directly placing the original powder package into the bottom funnel, much more flexible for color change.

- Automatic cleaning of hopper, suction tube, injectors, pump, hoses and spray guns, maximize efficiency during color change.

- Ultrasonic siever insert for automatic sieving the recycled powder and fresh feeding powder, ensures more uniform powder flow.

- Closed powder circuit prevents overflow to ensures a clean working environment as well as save powders.

- It has a very compact design and can be flexibly adapted to any system layout.


PLC touching control


ultrasonic siever


powder container


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