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Automatic Powder Recycling System Powder Sieving Machine COLO-3000-S

- Vibrating powder sieving powder recovery, powder feeding
- Ensures proper flow characteristics and high quality surface finish
- Superior separation efficiency, low noise, maintenance free.
- Reduce labor cost and material wastage.
  • COLO-3000-S

  • COLO


Automatic Powder Recycling System Powder Sieving Machine COLO-3000-S

In an automatic powder coating line, the machine sieves large quantities of recovered powder without disturbing your online coating process, at the same time mixing with fresh powders for continuouse feeding, substantially reduce labour cost & eliminate wastage.

powder sieving machine

Powder tank with two kinds of sizes 55*55cm (80L powder) and 68*68 (100L powder).

Features of Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

1. Installing sieving mesh with hoop and sealing strip, eliminates noise and prevents leakage.

2. Made of 2.5mm Coated iron, sturdy and durable. Compact structure is easy to move and saves space

3. Durable stainless steel sieving mesh has a variety of sizes for sieving the different powder particles

4. Mounted with big capacity powder hopper supports continuous production

Technical Parameters of Automatic Powder Recycling System

22 kg
220V / 110V
50 W
Operating Frequency
50 Hz
Motor Rotation
positive and reverse can be
Powder Tank
55*55 cm or 68*68cm

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