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Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment

- Uniform coating
- Thick films can be achieved
- Complex parts can be 100% coated
- Good corner coverage
- Good process control
Fluidized bed powder coating equipment is ideal for complex shapes and wire mesh products, such as baskets, brackets, face masks, valves, etc, providing more consistent, even finish.

Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment Features

1. Working size of fluidized bed: W2200*H1500*D1400 mm, 

2. Base material stainless steel plate, thickness 2mm, 

3. The inner fluidized plate is 2200*1400*20 mm (spliced by microporous plates), and the   micropores are 10-15 microns 

4. There are 6 pcs air inlet holes of 4 points*12 on the side of the bottom of the fluidized   bed for fluidization; 

5. Configured with a 4kw centrifugal fan with a wind pressure of 1500Pa; 

6. Configured with 5 quick-release cartridge filter elements of Diam325*Height600mm;

fluidized bed powder coating equipment

fluidized bed powder coating equipment

filter dust collector

filter cartridge dust collector for powder collection

powder coating fluidized bed

fluidized plate at the botton of the fluizied bed

What is fluidized bed powder coating?

This powder coating process works by dipping the pre-heated parts into powder clouds in a fluidized bed, in which the powder melts and forms a coating flim onto the hot surface. The final flim thickness depends on part temperature and how long the substrate is dipped in the powder.

Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Steps

1. Part is preheated

The metal part must be preheated at a higher temperature than the melting point of the fluid bed powder so that the powder quenches the part right away. A conventional convection oven is the most common way to heat the item.

2. Part is Dip-Coated

The air pump causes air to flow through the powder coating fluidizer, suspending the powder particles into a fluid-like state. Then dip the hot metal part into the fluidized bed of powder coating and move it around for a continuous coating.

3. Part Remains Submerged

Keep the part submerged in the fluidized bed to allow the powders to cover the parts with a thick, wear-resistant coating. The workparts' final thickness depends on the preheated temperature before dipped in the bed and how long it is left in the fluidized bed of powder coating.

4. Part is Post-Fused

The final stage of fluidized bed powder coating is the post-fusing process. After dripping excess powder off the workparts, move them to an oven at a lower temperature to cure, whose purpose  is to make sure that all the powder has melt and adhered to the workparts forming a smooth, uniform, durable coating film.

Fluidized bed Powder Coating Advantages

Fluidized bed powder coating will generally apply a thicker film than traditional electrostatic spray applications. This means that it will cover any small imperfections that the part or product might have. 

The action of dipping into the fluidized flow eliminates the faraday cale effect generated in electrostatic spray, allowing the powder to build on all surfaces, including inside corners, and wire mesh products where spray applications have problems.


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