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Fully Automatic Powder Coating Line for Metal Cabinets (in The Philippines)

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  Fully Automatic Powder Coating Line

This fully automatic powder coating line is specially designed for our Philippine customer for their business of metal cabinet and frames, requiring high output and superior quality.

Workparts movement is driven through the overhead conveying system. Powder spraying by automatic reciprocators and spray guns ensures uniform powder film thickness, powder collection and recycling by mono-cyclone booth system, allows fast cleaning and high powder utilization.  The customer has relatively much more colors for application, thus requires 2 cyclone booth system in order to reduce downtime during color change.

After powder spraying, the workparts will be continuously transported into a bridge tunnel oven, as the workparts came out from the oven they get fully cured, thus such curing oven are extremely in long length.

This automated powder coating plant requires minimum labor but big factory space and sufficient budget

automatic powder coating equipment
automatic powder coating booth
automatic powder coating oven

*Site Photos in Customer's Factory

automated powder coating line

Installation Key Data

Factory Size: L31xW13xH7m

Max.Size of Workparts f: L3.05 x W0.8x H1.5m

Scope of Main Components

1. Automatic Powder Booth with Mono-cyclone, 2 sets

2. Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator, 4 sets

3. COLO-800D Automatic Powder Guns

4. Powder Sieving & Recycling Machine, 2 sets

5. Manual Powder Coating Gun

6. Bridge Tunnel Curing Oven

7. Overhead Conveying System

Details of Main Components

Automatic Cyclone Powder Coating Booth

cyclone powder coating booth

1. Working Size L5*W1.8*H2.1m, Opening Size: W1.1xH2.1m

2. First stage recovery: mono-cyclone type, achieves highest cleaning efficiency during color change。

3. Secondary recovery stage: rotary wing filters effectively capture ultra fine powders. Filter size: 325x600mm, 32pcs.

4.Booth Floor: with air knife and flap recovery system:, transfer oversprayed powder from the booth floor to recycling system.

5. Fan motor:1pc,  Power: 22Kw

6. Air flow 14000-18000m³/h

7. Powder Coating Booth Body Material: PP Plastic, anti-static, easy cleaning

8. Cyclone Material: durable stainless steel SS304

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

automatic powder coating machines

1. Including: COLO-2000D reciprocator, COLO-800D automatic guns & central controlled cabinet

2. It is the ideal entry into automatic series production offering quality finishes and great powder savings.

3. Multi controllers of automatic powder coating gun installed on a central cabinet, with compact design and simple operation.

4. COLO-800D automatic powder coating machine is one of the most suitable solution for coating line, effective, reliable, cost-saving.

5. The reciprocator driven by frequency motor, speed and stroke adjustable.

Bridge Tunnel Curing Oven

tunnel curing oven1. Overall Size: L20m x W3m x H2.5m

2.Heating source: natural gas; Burner: 1000,000kcal Riello burner

3. Heating Time & Temperature: Warm-up time: 15-30 min. (180° C), Max.250° C

4. Circulation Fan: 5.5kw, 2sets, creates uniform hot airflow in inner chamber ensure high quality curing results.

5. Construced with 100mm thickness rock wool board, ensures minium temperature dropping.

6. Designed for continuous operations in automatic coating line. Maximum efficiency is obtained with high capacities by means of this system

Overhead Conveyor System

powder coating conveying system

1 Total Length: 130m

2 Conveyor Chain Type: QXG206A, Single piont loading capacity: 30kgs

3. Components: 1 pc tensioning device;  1pcs driving device; 2 pcs emergency top devices, hangers, etc

4. Drive power: 2.2kw; 

5. Conveyor speed: 1m/min (adjustable)

6. Can endure the the harsh chemicals used during the washing, degreasing, phosphating, etc. Able to withstand high temperature during curing process.


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