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Horizontal Powder Coating Reciprocator COLO-2500D

COLO Reciprocator is designed for consistent and uniform powder coating in automatic line, Sturdy structure and excellent performance requires only small budget
  • COLO-2500D

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Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator COLO-2500D

COLO-2500D Powder Coating Reciprocator is electrically driven by a frequency motor controlled via PLC, giving gentle and precise motion, suitable for high requirement of horizontal powder coating or wet painting.

powder coating reciprocator

COLO-2500D Horizontal Reciprocator Features

1) Smooth and gentle movement increases powder coating uniformity.

2) Jitter-free operation causes lower noise and less wear-resistance.

3) Can carry up to 24 pcs powder spray guns for reliable and stable running.

4) Pre-programmable preset settings for automatic selection of stroke and speed.

5) A user-friendly multi-language touch screen controls all processing data and programs

6) Suitable for powder coating and liquid painting application.

7) Sturdy construction could adapt to continual load everyday operational conditions.

COLO-2500D Powder Coating Reciprocator Specifications

Rated voltage AC220V~240V/50~60Hz
Rated power 0.75Kw
Speed 0.08m/S-0.8m/S (adjustable)
Stroke 1m,1.5m
Setting system PLC with touch screen
Speed control method frequency conversion
Required temperature -10~50℃

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