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How much it costs to start powder coating business?

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Whether you are a manufacturer, coatings job shop, a common question that is asked is how much will it cost to start powder coating. In this article, we will cover what is typically required to start powder coating, how much it will cost to start powder coating. We will be considering powder coating as hand applied manual system and will not cover automated or large conveyor powder coating lines in this article.

Cost No.1 to Start Powder Coating – Compressed Air

Compressed air will be used to prepare the powder for spraying by your powder coating unit. Compressed air will also be needed for sandblasting. Compressed air can also be one of the largest expenses you may have. You can often end up spending $6,000 or more on a compressor and freezer dryer that will deliver sufficient CFM of air for sandblasting or powder coating work. 

Cost No.2 to Start Powder Coating – Pretreatment

To achieve the best results with your powder coating process, your product needs to be clean—free of dust, debris, oil, rust, old paint or finish material.

If you plan to remove rusts, existing paints or need to create good surface adhesion, This will typically require a sandblasting machine. You would potentially spend at least $15,00 dollars to buy a basic blast cabinet. 

If oils, solvents or chemical residue covers any part of your products’ surface, you’ll want to consider a wash station. You could make a dipping tank with hoist, about USD1000.

If your products are extremely clean, then, you will not require this cost.

Cost No.3 to Start Powder Coating –  Powder Coating Gun

To apply powder coating you will typically need a powder coating gun system to deliver powder coating.  For a professional unit like the COLO-191S unit it will typically cost around $1500.00., this would be an excellent system that can effectively coated product and handle things like corner areas. Or an economical unit such as COLO-800D, COLO-660 Powder Coating Unit which costs only $800-$900 will meet your most metal parts applications.

COST No.4 To Start Powder Coating – A Powder Coating Booth

The powder spray booth is designed to keep the rest of your shop clean while providing a well-lit area for you to apply powder coating.  Powder Coating Booths will vary in price depending on the size and type you selecting.  A basic filter recovery powder coating booth will typically cost about $5,000 .

COST No.5 To Start Powder Coating– A Powder Coating Oven

Often the powder coating oven that you select will be a high cost when considering the costs to start powder coating. More commonly, ovens rely on electric heating elements or a natural gas or LPG-fueled heat system.  If you want to powder coat at a professional level, the type of oven you choose is critical.  A common electric powder coating oven that would accommodate a variety of products effectively would be approximately a with1600 x depth1400 x height1800mm (COLO-1864).  which will typically cost around $5000 dollars.

COST No. 6 to Start Powder Coating – Powder, and Fees

In many ways the equipment investment for powder coating will be some of the greatest expense associated with starting powder coating.  However you will still have a lot of other potential fees to evaluate.  First will be permitted that can be required by the EPA and other pertinent organizations. Second, you have to have powder which can vary in cost depending on the type of powder and amount of powder you purchase.

This guide provides a general overview of budget  that you may expect to pay to start powder coating.


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