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How to choose COLO powder coating reciprocators?

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The reciprocator is one of the important section in automatic powder coating line. Each reciprocator carrries a certain quantity of automatic spray guns that coats parts efficiently and uniformly. The working height(stroke) of the reciprocator depends on work-pieces height. The traveling speed of the reciprocator depends on conveying speed of workparts. And how to choose a suitable reciprocating machine is worth understanding and discussing in depth.

automatic powder coating reciprocator

COLO have various styles of powder coating reciprocators for your selection.

Vertical Movement: these reciprocators are ideally suited for those parts moving on a conveyor which are vertically hanged. 

1) COLO-2000D powder coating reciprocator is the classic style among the vertical reciprocators. Affordable price and meeting basic powder spraying needs has become the first choice for most users. 

COLO-2000D powder coating reciprocator

2) COLO-2200D Powder Coating Reciprocator is linear rail guide structured, scrolls up and down with a belt drive, controlled by frequency motor via PLC, giving more gentle and precise motion, thus results in more uniform coating result and saves powders a lot. As the advanced configurations, the price of the COLO-2200D is 1 times higher than COLO-2000D.

COLO-2200D Powder Coating Reciprocator

3) Between the above 2 models, The COLO-2400D Powder Coating Reciprocator has same mechanical structure as COLO-2000D, but if you like easy-to-use interface, you can choose the COLO-2400D, driven by chain, but configured with PLC user-friendly multi-language touch screen. The price is a little bit higher than COLO-2000D.

COLO-2400D Powder Coating Reciprocator

4) COLO-2300D 2 Axes Reciprocators: with slide table, the whole reciprocator achieves fore-and-aft direction movement automatically, which means moving out-and-in of the spray booth. These reciprocators are ideal for parts which are suspended vertically with different widths on the same conveyor systems. With suitable identification systems it can be adjusted on the Z axis whenever parts of different dimensions are entered. If your work-pieces width is inconsistent or complex, it is suitable to choose COLO-2300D. Moreover, it can be automatically moved out of the spray booth that reduces efforts for booth cleaning.

COLO-2300D Powder Coating Reciprocator

5) These reciprocators are cam link assembly structure, runs in constant speed that work-piece is coated as evenly as possible. COLO-2600D crankshaft powder coating reciprocator with the ultimate in smooth operation for a high-grade consistency in your powder coating operation. 

COLO-2600D Powder Coating Reciprocator

Horizontal Movement: 

These reciprocators are suitable for workparts over horizontal roller conveyors or belt conveyor either to coat on top of the objects or the top and the bottom with reciprocator placed on the top and the bottom side of the parts. COLO-2500D powder coating reciprocator is electrically driven by frequency motor controlled via PLC, giving gentle and precise motion, suitable for high requirement of horizontal powder coating or liquid painting.

COLO-2500D Powder Coating Reciprocator

Advantages of COLO Powder Coating Reciprocators:

1. Increased Uniformity – Advanced digital control.

2. Smooth, Swift and Precise movement for speedy and uniform coating.

3. Reduce powder consumption.

4. Quick Job Change – Pre-programmable preset settings for automatic selection of stroke and speed.

5. Suitable for powder coating and liquid paint application.

In summary, which reciprocators to choose depends on your work-piece requirements and your budget, no matter which one of COLO powder coating reciprocators you choose, we are sure we can achieve the look, feel, and quality process you desire.


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