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Manual Powder Coating Line for Aluminium Profiles (in Korea)

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  manual powder coating line

The manual powder coating line is specially custom-designed for our South Korean customer for the application of aluminium profiles and other long length metal parts.

Powder coating by manual coating equipment ensures high precision operation, especially for complex shaped. Workparts movement from booth to curing oven by manual pulled track system, thus reduces labor efforts and requires less budget.

manual line

Project Key Data

Workpart: Aluminium Profiles,

Max.Part Size: L6xW1xH2m

Factory Size: L29xW10m

Main Components

1. Manual Powder Coating Machineq

2. Pass Through Powder Coating Biooth

3. Gas Powder Coating Oven

4. Manual Operated Overhead Track System

Details of Main Components

Manual Powder Coating Booth

MLF00697 - 副本

Dual station powder spray booth, parts enter the booth through the overhead rail system, then pass through the coating stations to receive the powder spraying  from both sides.

1 Working Size L4m x W1.1m x H1.82m

2. Opening Size: W0.5m x H1.82m

3. Double stage of recovery unit, including 10pcs  high precsion cartridge filters

4. Fan Motor: 4kw, 2 sets, 5000m^3/h

5.Material: SPCC/t=1.5mm.

6. Control: PLC

Track Powder Coating Oven

The powder coating ovens with overhead rail system is designed in order to carry heavy material into the oven manually. COLO curing oven  is built to create optimal airflow throughout the enclosure, providing an even, constant cure for your parts. 


1. Working Size W1.87m x H 2.16m x D7m

2. Heating source: Natural Gas

3. Gas Burner: 300,000 kcal/h, RIELLO brand

3. Circulation Fan: 7.5kw, 1 set, 8000m^3/h

4. Thermal Insulation Material 100mm thickness rock wool board.

5. Temperature: 180°C - 250°C


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