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Powder Coating Pretreatment - Spraying Tunnel

Automatic pretreatment system for powder coating, suitable for simple shape and bulk production in fully-automatic line.
generally includes 1-5 tunnel stages, such as degrease, conditioning, phosphate, rinse, etc.
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Powder Coating Pretreatment - Spraying Tunnel

A pretreatment system helps you prepare a superior surface on metal for your quality powder coating. The spraying pretreatment system generally includes 1-5 tunnel stages, by using many spraying nozzles and circulation pump to spray chemicals onto the processed objects. 

This  system is suitable for washing simple shape workparts with big production capacity requirement, usually applies in automatic powder coating line

Spraying pretreatment is considered the most important part of the coating process in order to achieve a desirable and long-lasting finish. COLO always fabricates long lifespan, stainless steel spraying tunnel that will maintain peak performance.

The processing of a basic spraying system mainly include degrease, conditioning, phosphate, rinse. Actual stages should be decided and built according to customer's products. 


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