• Q What is the voltage range of electrostatic powder coating?

    A Normally, 60-80 kV. Within a certain range, the powder coverage increases as the high voltage increases, but when it reach to 90kv, the powder coverage decreases. The optimal range for re-coating is 40-50kv

  • Q What types of powder coating pretreatment do I choose?

    A There are mainly 3 kinds of pretreatments in the market.
    1. Sandblasting, common and economical, suitable for small and medium parts, such as car wheels, bike parts.
    2. Spraying Washing, Threre are several spraying tunnels that wash the workparts step by step, usually used on automatic powder coating line which requires high efficiency and costs big budget.
    2. Dipping. Used for large and complex workparts, there are several tanks dipping workparts step by step, applied in manual or semi-automatic powder coating plant, lower efficiency but requires less budget than spraying washing.
  • Q Why powder coating requires pretreatment process?

    A To smooth the object surface, strip chemisorption layers, enhance adhesion properties thus obtain quality powder coating finish, processes Inlcuding rust-removing, paint-removing, degreasing and oil-removing, etc


    A Surface finishing in manufacturing applies to any final procedurer series of procedures that result in a change in a desired property of a face of the manufactured item. Physical or chemical properties may be altered. The metalworking, textile, and polymer industries often use surface finishing to improve the characteristics and value of their products.

    A The quality of the spray gun that comes with a home powder coating kit can vary greatly. A poorly designed gun will have a large amount of overspray, causing the coating dust to spread far beyond the target item. A high-quality gun will have several tips and possibly be adjustable, allowing for a focused application of the coating. Some more expensive powder coating kits come with a collapsible spray box. This is a set of panels that can be assembled into a box shape with one side open. 

    A 1. Powdercoating is an environmentally friendly, corrosion and UV light resistant finish. Although it is best done with precision industrial equipment, it is possible to experiment with it in a home workshop.
    2. Clean and rinse all metal surfaces thoroughly, as with all paint coatings.
    3. Use in a well-ventilated, clean area.
    4. Collect all excess powder for reuse in future applications.
    5. Remember, you will have to heat the coated object to cure the powdercoat, so you will have to have an oven which will hold the piece, or be willing to apply heat directly with an infrared lamp for a sufficient time to cure it.
    6. There are a number of sources for powdercoating powder, guns, and other equipment online.COLO is the biggest supplier of powder coating equipment  in china.
    7. Always Pre-heat the part in the oven prior to coating. This will outgas any grease or oil still embedded on the surface. If the part is not pre heated, any grease or oil still left after cleaning will outgas during curing and bubble the finish during curing.


    A 1.  Determine the type of material you are going to powdercoat and then select a suitable powder for the finish. Powdercoating is done with thermoplastic or thermoset polymer powder, and these materials are formulated for bonding with different base metals to give the best results.

    2. Clean the base metal thoroughly. Using bead or abrasive blasting on hard metal, such as cast iron or steel, will remove mill and rust scale, dirt and foreign materials. Chemical solvent cleaning will remove any grease, oil, or paint, and light sanding can be done to finish preparing the surface. Aluminum, magnesium, and other soft alloy metals can be solvent cleaned and wire brushed, or sanded if needed.

    3. Apply the powder to the object to be powder coated. This is done using a "gun" or compressed air sprayer which electrostatically charges the powder material so that it sticks to the grounded base metal object receiving the coating. These guns are available from various suppliers, and cost as little as $100. For experimental purposes, you can apply the powder to a flat metal surface by dusting it directly on, and spreading it to a thin, even layer.

    4. Cure the metal at a temperature appropriate for the powder material you use. A conventional oven is suitable for this purpose if the metal is small enough to fit, otherwise, an infrared heat lamp or other flame less heat source needs to be used. Normally, the object is heated to 350 to 375 degrees F. for about 10 to 15 minutes, and allowed to cool.


    A A powder coating machine is a device that applies protective coatings on metal parts similar in finish to conventional liquid paint.The main difference between the two processes is the method by which the coating is applied. In the case of powder coating, a stream of positively charged powder is applied to a grounded or negatively charged metal surface. This electrostatic method creates a better coating to metal bond than is possible with conventional paints as well as offering several other benefits not possible with liquid coatings. There are several different powder coating machine types in general use with the most common being the corona and tribo spray gun variants.Powder coating is the process of coating metal items with layers of powdered thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. The process is an efficient and highly effective method of coating a wide variety of consumer products ranging from domestic appliances to garden furniture. These finishes are applied with several different powder coating machine types including spraying, electrostatic disc, electrostatic magnetic brush, and fluidized bed systems. Of these, the spray types are the most widely found in most commercial applications. The corona and tribo spray coating machines see the most use.The corona gun powder coating machine consists of a powder dispenser, a high voltage generator, a corona spray gun with powder feed hoses, and a negative or ground connection. To operate the corona gun system, the ground connection is attached to the workpiece and suitable powder coating material is loaded into the machine's dispenser. The high voltage generator energizes an electrode in the gun, thereby imparting a powerful positive charge in the powder and creating a high energy electrical field between it and the workpiece. This electric field serves as a motivating agent which draws the positively charged powder to the surface of the workpiece. Upon contact, the powdered coating bonds to the metal surface, thus forming an even layer. The tribo type powder coating machine also relies on a electrical field to bond the powder to the metal surface but uses compressed air to transport it through a Teflontube and nozzle towards the workpiece. The positive electric charge in the powder is imparted by friction between it and the surface of the Teflontube and bonds the layer of powder to the metal in the same way as the corona gun method. After coating with both systems, the workpiece is often heated to allow the plastic coating to spread out more evenly and complete the bonding and curing process.

    A When you receive the products, if any question or service need. Pls call the service line.
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