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GM03 Manual Powder Coating Gun Parts (NON OEM part - compatible with certain Gema products)

Our replacement GM03 parts is 100% interchangeable with original. Factory direct sale powder coating gun parts, supplied with most favorable price! Delivery Time: 1-2 days Delivery Way: TNT, Fedex, DHL Payment: Paypal, T/T, Western Union.

GM03 Manual Powder Coating Gun Parts

  • All GM03 spare parts you can find here, nozzles, shells, cascade, tubes, cables, connectors, etc.

  • NON OEM part, but 100% intechangeable with original products.

  • Use premium quality material for less wear and longer life, offering with much lower price.

  • Over 10 years specializing in powder coating spare parts, COLO makes great profits for both users and distributors.


Item Original Code Name
1 700101 cascade, negative plarity 

cascade, positive plarity 
2 700102 gun body
3 700103 threaded sleeve 
4 700105 print holder - complete
5 700106bB deflectors Ø 50 mm 
6 700106S-25

deflectors Ø 32 mm 



deflectors Ø 24 mm 

8 700106S-16 deflectors Ø 16 mm 
700107R-1 electrode holder (round jet nozzle)
10 700107R-2 round jet nozzle
11 700107F-1 electrode holder (flat jet nazzle)
12 700107F-2 flat jet nazzle
13 700108 gun trigger - complete
14 700109 trigger cover
15 700111 electrode rinsing air connection
16 700112 clip ring
700113 hose connection
18 700114 gun cable connector
19 700115
grip end plate – complete
20 700117 powder tube – complete
21 JM700118 gun cable
22 JM700120-4 gun cable connector (668/660)
23 JM700120-5 gun cable connector (800)
24 700121 powder tube (350mm)

powder tube (250mm)

powder tube (150mm)

Pls inform the original code or part name you need, we will quote you best price!

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